June 9th: Factory tour of Gautier Mückstein & Ellinger GmbH

On June 9th we will visit an old friend from the Young Economy / JCI Austria in his production of essences and spirits.

Florian Mückstein lets us into his hallowed halls in the midst of ongoing operations. That’s why the tour starts at 3 p.m. and we can only participate in a limited number due to hygiene regulations.

We would be happy to invite you to be part of this company tour and ask for double reliability.

Florian runs the “Gautier Mückstein” in the third generation of the family, and has expanded the business field from rum and high-proof spirits to include aromas, essences and raw materials for the food industry. During the COVID period, the company was also quickly converted to a manufacturer of disinfectants.

During Florian’s tour, we will be able to see and hear the various production steps, as well as the automatic bottling plant in operation. At the end of the tour we will certainly be able to taste a few good wines.

Afterwards there is a joint visit to the Heurigen in order to be able to end the day comfortably

Date: June 09, 2022
Time: 3:00 p.m
Meeting point: Hermann-Mark-Gasse 6, 1100 Vienna