In the footsteps of imperial living culture. Guided tour of the Imperial Furniture Collection Vienna.

Originally, the Imperial Furniture Collection was the furniture store of the Habsburgs. Today, with 165,000 objects, it is one of the largest furniture collections in the world.

We shall enjoy a guided tour through parts of this collection and will visit highlights such as the Egyptian cabinet of Empress Maria Ludovica, the precious secretary of Marie Antoinette, the famous portrait of Empress Elisabeth by Franz Xaver Winterhalter or the Turkish room of Crown Prince Rudolf.

Greeting by Ms. Anja Hasenlechner, Head of Department V/2 Historical Collections, Federal Ministry Digitalisation and Economic Affairs

Guided tour by Dr. Marlene Ott-Wodni, research associate of the Department V/2 Historische Collections, Federal Ministry of Digitalisation and Economic Affairs.
Author of the publication “Die Wohnkultur der habsburgischen Prinzen im 19. Jahrhundert – Kaiser Maximilian von Mexiko, Kronprinz Rudolf, Erzherzog Franz”.
Ferdinand and her Castles”, Vienna/Cologne/Weimar 2019

Tuesday, 17 September 2019, 16h
Meeting point at Entrance Counter, Andreasgasse 6, 1070 Vienna,

Afterwards there is the possibility of a cosy evening in the Café Restaurant Depot.

Limited number of participants.

For registration please contact Brigitte Lüth, until 10 September 2019.

JC Austria National Conference turns to “JW Summit 2019”

As every year we are invited to participate at the “Bundestag der Jungen Wirtschaft” (JC Austria National Conference).

The 2-days conference will take place from 27 to 28 September 209 in Linz.
For the first time, this event turns into “JW Summit” finishing the event already Saturday afternoon. Therefore, the Senators’ program starts when Juniors complete their happening.

Thanks to our Linz senators, Fritz Rath and Berndt Papinski in particular, we have an interesting programme to offer:

Friday, 27.9.2019: Joint participation at the JW Summit
Saturday, 28.9.2019:
9:15 VIP networking breakfast with JayCees
14:30: Guided city tour, meeting point in front of the Linz City Hall
A special goodie is a guided tour of the Ars Electronica Center’s Deep Space.
17:15: Going up to Pöstlingberg with the Pöstlingbergbanh, view over Linz and visit of the photo exhibition.
19:30: Dinner together at the Pöstlingberg-Schlössel
Downhill ride with the Pöstlingbergbahn and finish in the old town of Linz.

Please register for the senator program at Felix Krebs (
Room contingent at Hotel Schwarzer Bär (“JCI Senators”).
Please register for the conference directly at (Early Bird until 7.8.2019).

Summer party with Clemens Lethmayer!

On 29 June 2019 from 3 p.m. it’s time again, Clemens invites you to the annual summer party in Würflach for the relaxed beginning of summer.

  • Welcome with sparkling wine and aperitif
  • Children bouncy castle
  • volleyball match
  • suckling pig
  • Pampering programme with cocktails & buffet in the stadlbar
  • Music and dancing into the night
  • Overnight stay in the Sta(dl)l, trailer or tent in the garden, also mattress camp in the house possible! (Please bring your own equipment)
    Or from your neighbour

registration requested
until 22 June 2019 !

Registration at

Wolfsohler Strasse 84
2732 Würflach

Directions: A2 Südautobahn exit Wr. Neustadt West

martini gansl 2018 – meet old friends in vienna

Dear Senators,

As usual we will have our goose dinner together again. This year on Thursday, November 08th and we return to Vienna this year. We have chosen the well-known restaurant Wambacher in the 13th district. Manfred was able to reserve a room for us so that we could be among each other. Accompaniments as always welcome.

To register we ask you to inform our Felix Krebs at as soon as possible and also to register any companion.

A quick overview:

  • 08th November 2018
  • Meet us at 19:00
  • Restaurant Wambacher
  • Lainzer Strasse 123
  • 1130 Wien
  • Registration: felix@metall-bau.atWe are looking forward to a cosy evening among senators


National Conference Letter European Senate President

Dear Senators, Enclosed you will find a letter that ASE President Friedhelm Wachs wrote to us, as he could not be with us at the JW National-Conference this year.

Dear Senate President,
Dear Sigrid,
Dear Senators in Austria,

I very much regret not being able to be with you today, because the Austrian senatiors work in particular has won so fundamentally in recent years that it is worthy of every appreciation. What you have achieved together under Sigrid’s leadership is all worthy of respect.

Now I hope that, in addition to a good relationship with your juniors, you will also contribute to Europe.

These years of European future, in which we currently find ourselves, make us look back on the occasion of our international foundation in 1944. In a time when Europe was in ruins, young people met for the foundation of a kind of youth UNO, for the foundation of JCI.

It is therefore time for us, despite all justified criticism of the political systems, to adhere fundamentally to one goal: There is no longer any need for war in Europe. Social conflicts must be resolved, but civilized. Political disputes may be waged, but they must be civilised. Dialogue is the most important instrument for dealing with one another in a civilised way. If we do not manage to get to know each other and to work out the differences cleanly in order to be able to emphasise what we have in common, then we will encourage “brutalisation”.

At European level we have therefore initiated a change of direction this year, following your example. We are opening the Senate to the interests of all 12,000 senators in Europe. This is how we want to promote dialogue among ourselves.

We have founded Special Interest Groups and are open to anyone who wants to share their special field with others on a European level. The current groups are sailing, golfing, fishing, hunting, and trains. Here senators with same interest meet and share common activities. On our website you will find the contact persons.

Furthermore, we have set up a community supporting project in which juniors participate intensively: Little King JCI.
With currently over 67 translations, the story about our Creed has already surpassed Heidi’s internationality. With this story about the values and creed of JCI, we emphasize what we have in common, why we are all active in this organization, and why we were active in it. In our linguistic diversity, however, we also emphasize the difference that each and every one of us brings to the positive of the organization. As we collect not only languages but also dialects, you are still welcome to contact us at

Association of JCI Senators in Europe
Office of the 49th President of the European Senate // POTES49
c/o Friedhelm Wachs | Lortzingstraße 13 | D-04105 Leipzig |

to participate in this project.

At you can find templates for a translation, at
also in German.

We need you in Europe. We need your cheerful openness, the constructive critical spirit which the Austrian juniors have already brought with their division into two parts to JCI, and we need your points of view so that everyone has a chance to be able to make the necessary problem solutions with knowledge of these decisions.

Thank you for your work, your joy in celebrating together and welcome to Europe!


Friedhelm Wax
European Senate President

National Conference 2018 – Senate Program

During the JW-Bundestag (austrian national conference) traditionally our Senators lunch takes place on Saturday. We made a nice package so that it becomes a special memory. We try not to steal too much time from the conference.

This time we have the restaurant EIL.GUT. HALLE. in Lindau.
It impresses with its unique location and is both a restaurant and an oldtimer museum.

Our package includes:

  • Boat trip from Bregenz to Lindau (departure 10:10 am – approx. 20 minutes)
    Comfortable city tour
  • A delicious, 4 course lunch menu incl. aperitif and wine accompaniment as well as café.
  • Special requests such as allergens and vegetarian food please let us know in advance
  • Return journey with the ship at approx. 16:00 or at any time individually by train possible
  • Price 150 €/person for normal members
  • 130 € for supporting members

Our Senator Felix Krebs will be happy to receive your registration until 1.9.2018. (

We look forward to welcoming you and your companion in beautiful Vorarlberg.

Rooftop Summer Meeting @ Ritz Carlton Hotel

Every summer, the Austrian Senators’ Network meets again for a get-together. This year we take you to the exclusive terrace of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Vienna.

Bar Atmosphere

For this event your registration is very important and because of the old tradition our little one Didi Gombotz (#66530) takes over the summer festival administration. If you would like to come (+ company), please let him know at

Specific Details:

  • Tuesday the 21st of August – 18:00
  • Location: Atmosphere Rooftop Bar @ Ritz-Carlton
  • Schubertring 5-7, 1010 Wien, Austria


The 28th European Senators Golf Championship will be held at Club Mont Garni in Belgium from 23 to 26 August. Enclosed you will find information, a letter from the organizers and the programm.

Rudolf von Bachellé, ESGC President, would be pleased if some Austrian players would also participate in the annual championship.

If you are interested, please contact the organizers directly.
All details and registration can be found at

World Congress 2018 – Goa – Pre-Tour with Germany

Dear Austrian Senators & Friends,

Our German friends have put together a pre-tour in India, which may be exciting for some of you. As always, this is certainly an experience to experience the culture of the host country together with the Junior Chamber of Commerce and German senators.

Enclosed you can find the program of this tour in the Document provided by germany:
Senatorenprogramm Goa Pre-Tour (simply click the link)

Yours Sigrid

Guest Entry: Austrian BuTa (National Convention) by Alex Unterberg

The Austrian National Conference 2017 Senator Program

Sigrid called and a lot of senators from half of Europe came. The prelude would have been a city tour, but from Bayreuth this was unfortunately not possible for me.

In the evening followed the party in the middle of the old town in a wonderful location, I suppose which was once a movie theatre or something, full of food and drinks and entertainment was also provided so that nobody got bored. Since the weather was already going towards golden October, the night was still relatively warm and one could still spend the late hours outdoors.

Saturday was all about Red Bull, Hangar 7 and the 3-star restaurant “Ikarus”. There we first had a guided tour through the famous Hangar 7 and to the private hangar 8 of the “Flying Bulls” where one or the other treasure of aviation history can be seen and kept airworthy. Afterwards we went to Ikarus, where a project was started that no other restaurant of the world: the guest chef concept. Every month a different top chef in Hangar-7, no matter from which continent, whether from the USA, South Africa or Japan. Whether traditional cuisine, fusion cuisine or molecular cuisine. What is important is variety. And, of course, the high quality of the food.”


Our guest chef was JORGE VALLEJO from Mexico City, his restaurant occupied 12th place in the “50 World’s Best Restaurants” in 2016, the menu was somewhat exotic but of the highest quality.

After this exhausting lunch we were allowed to go to the Sky Bar directly under the roof of Hangar 7 for a digestive schnaps and to finish off we had some relaxing in the sun in the beer garden of the hangar.

The evening event starts with a beautiful warm up in the Hotel Sacher with a beautiful terrace in the sunset at the Salzach where we had a few snacks with sparkling wine for a house concert with a quartet that offered us a classic feast for the ears.

Afterwards, the “Haus für Mozart” called for a “concert evening” with snacks and drinks, where “The Makemakers” heated up the atmosphere.

All in all a great organized BuTa 2017 and a great advertisement for the next BuTa 2018 in Bregenz.

Yours Axel