Senators Events 2019

  • July
  • Summer weekend together: We are planning a joint cultural and summer trip to a federal state away from Vienna. If you have any ideas, please contact me.

  • August
  • 6. – Summer meeting: The traditional meeting in Vienna, like every year at the beginning of August. We are currently evaluating new possibilities. Location ideas welcome to

  • September
  • 27-28th JW Bundestagung/Summit – Linz: Under a new name and in a shortened version (no Gala) the Bundestag will take place in Linz this year. We will use the shortening to organize a senator program for all guests on Saturday afternoon and evening.
    JW Summit: (

  • October
  • Hiking: A joint autumn hike with a cosy get-together in the evening.

  • November
  • 04-08 – JCI World Congress – Tallinn: The World Congress will take place in Tallinn / Estonia. Who still remembers the European Conference knows that this will be a highlight for years.
  • 22nd Annual General Meeting: Our annual senators’ meeting will take place on 22nd November. All senators are cordially invited to attend. We look forward to active participation.
    Please enter the date. Details will follow shortly after the meeting.

  • December: Christmas mood in the beautiful Johannesbachklamm
  • 01 – Punsch: Communal punch drinking at a Viennese Christmas Market

  • 2020 – February
  • 06-09 Vienna Waltz Gala: The Vienna Waltz Gala takes place again. Please make a note
  • 2020 – April
  • 02-05 First JCI (Senators) Skidays in Obertauern