Senators Events 2019

  • July
  • Summer weekend together: We are planning a joint cultural and summer trip to a federal state away from Vienna. If you have any ideas, please contact me.

  • August
  • 6. – Summer meeting: The traditional meeting in Vienna, like every year at the beginning of August. We are currently evaluating new possibilities. Location ideas welcome to

  • September
  • 27-28th JW Bundestagung/Summit – Linz: Under a new name and in a shortened version (no Gala) the Bundestag will take place in Linz this year. We will use the shortening to organize a senator program for all guests on Saturday afternoon and evening.
    JW Summit: (

  • October
  • Hiking: A joint autumn hike with a cosy get-together in the evening.

  • November
  • 04-08 – JCI World Congress – Tallinn: The World Congress will take place in Tallinn / Estonia. Who still remembers the European Conference knows that this will be a highlight for years.
  • 18 – Annual General Meeting: Our annual senators’ meeting will take place on 18th November. All senators are cordially invited to attend. We look forward to active participation.

  • 2020 December:
  • 08 – Christmas mood in the beautiful Johannesbachklamm
  • 17 – Relaxed Get-together at Belvedere Christmas Market
  • 2020 – January
  • 14 – Creativity Workshop with MO
  • 2020 – February
  • 06-09 Vienna Waltz Gala: The Vienna Waltz Gala takes place again. Please make a note